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20 PLN/month
RAM: 0,5 GB Processor: 1 vcore Disc: 20 GB Own IP address Transfer: 1 TB Linux


40 PLN/month
RAM: 1 GB Processor: 1 vcore Disc: 30 GB Own IP address Transfer: 2 TB Linux


80 PLN/month
RAM: 2 GB Processor: 2 vcore Disc: 40 GB Own IP address Transfer: 3 TB Linux


160 PLN/month
RAM: 4 GB Processor: 4 vcore Disc: 70 GB Own IP address Transfer: 4 TB Linux
The presented prices are net prices, one should add 23% VAT.
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RAM Processor Disc Transfer
MINI CLOUD 0,5 GB 1 Core 20 GB 1 TB 20 PLN/m-c Add to cart
Basic Cloud 1 GB 1 Core 30 GB 2 TB 40 PLN/m-c Add to cart
Standard Cloud 2 GB 2 Core 40 GB 3 TB 80PLN/m-c Add to cart
Dynamic Cloud 4 GB 4 Core 70 GB 4 TB 160 PLN/m-c Add to cart
Extend ClouD 8 GB 4 Core 80 GB 5 TB 320 PLN/m-c Add to cart
Master Cloud 16 GB 8 Core 100 GB 6 TB 650 PLN/m-c Add to cart

More than just an ordinary cloud

Apart from standard packages, we also offer such solutions as private cloud, hybrid cloud, as well as an option to integrate clouds into one cohesive network. Moreover, there is a possibility to provide a dedicated connection with your location.

Private cloud

Private cloud is a fully autonomous set of servers, dedicated to a specific entity and managed thereby.

The most important functionality as regards the private cloud involves the possibility to create any environments on demand quickly and easily, within a few minutes. The entire process of creating environments is automated. At the same time the management is limited to simple actions performed by users who are assigned to this task. Within a few moments you can create a new environment or copy the existing ones to check and test new solutions or eliminate problems existing in your environment. It is worth remembering that using private cloud also means saving. Thanks to using the services of S-NET private cloud you will no longer need servers within the organization, cooling systems, security and physical administration. This significantly reduces the costs of the organization. When choosing a private cloud, you are sure that only predetermined part of the users has access to a particular instance. Such approach enables full use of the cloud.

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Hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud is a combination of a public and private cloud, also known as a mixed cloud. Using this solution, we provide you with an environment best suited to your business.

Hybrid cloud combines the functionality of public cloud with the functionality of a private one. When choosing a hybrid cloud service offered by S-NET Cloud, the customer can determine the distribution of the instance resources allocating the adequate part of resources depending on the current demand. The resources are divided into two parts - public and private. The first is used by multiple users, the second is dedicated exclusively for the customer. Additionally, the Customer can change the allocation of resources at any time according to the specifics of the work and ongoing projects.

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