Why should you choose S-NET services?

24/7 TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE 24/7 technical assistance
Ongoing monitoring of server resources
Organization of server environments according to the guidelines
System restoration in case of a critical failure
Softwarre maintenance
Backup creation
Assistance in case of hardware and software failures
One administered server within each package

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A detailed description of administering the servers

Description of the service

  • Technical assistance around the clock
  • Rebuilding the system in case of a critical failure
  • Help of administrators in case of equipment and software failures
  • Preparing server environments in accordance with guidelines
  • Constant monitoring of the server resources
  • Conducting ongoing maintenance of software
  • Conducting backup copies of the system according to customer’s requirements
  • The amount of administered servers within each package: 1 (one piece)


list is available as a part of offers concerning dedicated VPS servers , each offer is covered by different price parameters.

Rules concerning monitoring

Our systems monitor the operation of servers 24/7. When they detect a problem, we will be automatically informed such a situation which will enable rapid intervention.

SLA parameters

Guaranteed response time

Type of notification Gwarantowany czas reakcji
Critical problem 4 hours
PStandard problem 8 hours
Note 1 working day
Task 1 working day

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