Dedicated solutions

S-NET Cloud dedicated solutions

In addition to our standard packages, we offer solutions regarding private cloud, hybrid cloud and the possibility to integrate cloud into one coherent network as well. What is more, there is also the possibility of connecting a dedicated link to your location. Private cloud is a fully autonomous collection of servers dedicated to a specific unit and managed by it. On the other hand, hybrid cloud is a combination of public cloud and private cloud and it is also called the mixed cloud. Thanks to using this solution we can offer you what is best suited to your business environment.

Our offer includes:
  • Consulting services / support as regards the selection of solutions and designing them, regardless of the supplier.
  • Private cloud / dedicated solution realized in accordance with the customer’s needs.
  • Hybrid cloud / mix of a private cloud and public cloud or other hosting solutions provided by S-NET, such as co-location, dedicated servers, VPS servers.
  • Telecommunication services / provided for a hosted environment as well as the headquarters and offices of the Customer.
  • Dedicated data link for connecting hosted resources and Customer’s registered office
  • Security audit and audit of implemented systems
  • Support development in the field of implemented solutions and hosted systems

Exemplary scheme as regards the implementation of the Customer’s project.

The diagram below present the steps of our cooperation in a simple manner:

1Determining customer’s needs
2Consulting and support provided by our experts
3Selecting appropriate telecommunications solutions and Data Center
4Technical works and launching services
5Help as regards the implementation of the Customer’s project
6Administration and service as regards the operating project after successive start

Having our customers in mind we have launched a free consultation and technical advice service. Our specialists are at your disposal. The first 2 hours of consultation with our experienced employees are free of charge.

We believe in people and their needs. That is why why we attach great importance to mutual communication and each customer is treated in an individual manner. Contact us!

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