The whole infrastructure consists of several key elements:

  • Internet access network
  • Network of STORAGE type - to integrate disk array
  • BACKUPS servers - responsible for storing backups as regards basic file systems
  • HOST servers - servers in which Customer’s resources operate
  • CONTROLLED servers - server responsible for the operation of the Customer’s machines and resource assigned to them
  • Billing system: accept payments from customers, starts and stops the Customer’s machine, it is responsible for the operation of the service management by the Customer

Disc system in S-NET cloud

As regards our infrastructure each server of HOST type it does not only keeps the customers’ machines running but is also part of a big disk array.

Macierz dyskowa

Discs were installed in each of the servers (depending on the storage class those are SSDs or SATA). All drives are connected to create a single logical unit. Thanks to the dispersion of data between different discs installed in multiple servers disk we receive the maximum level of reliability, since even in case of failure concerning a single disk or even an entire server, customer's data is still achievable.

Each file is stored in three copies on three different discs installed in three different servers.

Cloud in Premium version!

S-NET Cloud in Premium version enables using two objects as regards Data Center at the same time (Krakow and Katowice). Data synchronization is performed within internal network S-NET and the difference concerning the data itself amounts to a few milliseconds max. In the case of failure of the primary object – Customer’s servers are automatically launched on spare object.

    Benefits from realizing a backup center by the supplier:

  • Automation of the migration as regards network resources (IP addresses, Internet)
  • Integrity and data synchronization by the supplier

Connection to Internet

Each of the objects as regards Data Center S-NET cloud is connected to the Internet via S-NET network. We have contacts with operators located in Krakow, Katowice and Warsaw with a total capacity of connections exceeding 100Gbps.

The network is constructed using equipment from renowned manufacturers.

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