Purchasing an SSL certificate – Step by step


Step 1.

Select the appropriate certificate from webpage  www.snetcloud.com/certyfikaty-ssl

Step 2.

At this stage you will be transferred to the ordering system. Here you are to confirm the earlier selection of the certificate. In addition, at this stage you can also use the promotional code which reduces the final price of the certificate.

  1. If the selection of the certificate is accurate, click Order button placed on the right side.
  2. If you want to change the certificate, you must click on the cross placed next to the price of the certificate.
    1. A window  confirming the deletion of certificate from the basket will appear. Click Yes to continue.
    2. At this stage, select SSL Certificates from the menu on the left side
    3. At this stage, a list of available certificates will appear. You should choose the correct one and click  Order button.

Step 3.

Then click  Order button placed in the right part of the service.

Step 4.

Now we will ask you to enter your data necessary to realize the order.

  1. If you already have an account with S-NET Cloud, please log in by clicking on the button Do you already have an account ?. Please enter your login information and select the method of payment for the order. You should also read the content of Terms of Service provided by S-NET Cloud and  confirm its acceptance.
    1. In order to realize the order, click on  Complete the order.
  1. If you do not have an account with S-NET Cloud, then you have to enter all the required data:
    - personal Information - basic information such as your name, email address and phone number,
    - billing address - the address we send the invoice to
    - additional information - identification information such as PESEL – personal identity number (in  case of a private person) or REGON  - business activity number (in case of an order placed by a company).
    - security of your account - enter your password and confirm it again. The system validates the passwords.
    Note: Write down your password and do not share it with third parties.
    - payment details - select one of three options of payment: PayU fast payment, PayPal or traditional bank transfer,
    - notes - you can add additional information regarding the order.
    You should also read the content  of Terms of S-NET Cloud Service and confirm its acceptance.
    1. To realize the order click on Complete the order.

Step 5.

The system has just generated an order. Each order has its own individual number preceded by #. You can download as well as print the orders.
Depending on the previously selected method of payment:

  1. Payment via PayU: please click on "Pay" button located in the right part of the order. The system will redirect you to the page devoted to fast payment where you can choose your bank to complete your payment. It will contain further payment instructions which will  send you to the outer platform of electronic payments.
  2. Payment by PayPal: Click on "Pay" button located in the right part of the order. The system will redirect you to the login page to your PayPal account, where you will obtain  further instruct from payment service provider. 
  3. Payment via bank transfer: in the right part of the order  there is a sign UNPAID. Beneath it there are bank account numbers to which you can transfer money. Remember that the title of the transfer must contain order number without the preceding # .
    Location data necessary to fill in the transfer will appear in the later part of the order.

    Note: You must select only one account  for making the transfer. Remember that the service will be activated only when your payment is accounted. You will be informed about it by e-mail confirming the commissioning of the certificate.


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